Aldo Leopold Benches

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By Tom and Marilyn Chryst

The eight Aldo Leopold benches that were built by Wild Ones last winter were installed along the Wildflower Trail at Shaw Arboretum on November 6th. Several rugged Wild Ones, assisted by Arboretum staff, participated in the hard work of placing the benches.

On January 5th, the Wild Ones bench-makers gathered again at Shaw Arboretum. The hardy seven, all of whom were among last year’s “construction crew”, met at 6:30, and by 9:00 we had put together ten Aldo Leopold benches. This year’s model is slightly wider than the original ones; it seats three (rather than two) comfortably. Another difference is that we will be selling them in May at the Shaw Arboretum Native Plant Sale. Thanks to all who helped.

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